How to Shop on Red Sun Website?

Following are the steps for shopping on this website:

  1. Select the product you like on the product page / on the home page.


  1. Enter your shopping cart first before placing an order.


  1. After you think that the item you want to order is appropriate, click order now in the shopping cart section.


  1. Complete your personal data information according to the conditions displayed. and click process now on the checkout page.


  1. You will receive an order invoice to your email.


  1. If it is your first time shopping at our website, you will receive a registration email containing your username and password to enter our system.


  1. Pay your order according to the total cost stated on the order invoice.


  1. Confirm your payment through our system or via WhatsApp, our admin will immediately confirm your order and payment.


  1. Our admin will immediately process and send your order as soon as possible, and you will get updated information about your order periodically.


  1. If the order has been received and there is no complaint, then we will change your order to be completed in our system.


    “Happy shopping and make your home more comfortable”





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Redsun Furniture

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